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Out-of-State Drivers: Fighting a Ticket

Lillington, North Carolina Traffic Defense Attorneys Defend Out-of-State Drivers

No one wants to get a ticket while on vacation: there’s the hassle of dealing with it, the expense of paying for it, and then, potentially, the logistical nightmare of having to come back to court later as well. North Carolina traffic courts appear to offer one of two choices for dealing with traffic citations: either pay the fine or appear in court to fight it. But there is a third option that you are not told about: you can appear in court through a lawyer without actually having to be there yourself. Save yourself the headache by hiring North Carolina traffic defense lawyers from Bain & McRae, LLP to keep this from negatively affecting your life.

Located in Lillington, NC and serving Harnett County, the law firm of Bain and McRae, LLP has been handling out-of-state moving violations for years.

Contact them to learn how you can protect your own state driver’s license by successfully and quickly dealing with your North Carolina traffic violations. Many states count out-of-state citations against in-state driving records, and while you may think that by paying the fine the charge will go away, this isn’t necessarily true. Many states count this as a conviction. You don’t want this on your driving record. Contact Bain & McRae, LLP to ensure it doesn’t remain there.

Knowledgeable and Experienced in Traffic Defense: Saving Your Driving Record, Money, and Insurance Rates

At Bain and McRae, LLP , we do our utmost to minimize the impact this will have on your driving record. When we defend out-of-state drivers on North Carolina violations, we also try to find a way to resolve everything so that you are not paying more for your insurance. This usually means negotiating the original speeding ticket into a non-moving violation. While you might still have to pay a fine, you won’t be facing the loss of your license through excessive points or for failure to appear in North Carolina courts.

In State Violations By Out-of-State Drivers

At Bain and McRae, LLP, we represent a variety of out-of-state visitors, from visiting students to tourists on vacation, commercial drivers and truckers to people just passing through on the interstate.

Let us save you the expense of having to return to North Carolina and let us keep you from losing your license. Call us today at our office in Lillington at (910) 893-5111 to begin discussing your case.