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Driving privileges are something Americans are given in order to allow us the freedom to pursue our lives and careers as we see fit. However, states use these privileges against its residents in order to make sure that people comply with court orders that sometimes have nothing to do with any sort of driving offense. At the Law Firm of Bain and McRae, LLP, we talk with North Carolina residents every day who have had their driver’s license suspended because they failed to appear at a court hearing. Sometimes, the legal matter in question relates to such difficulties as missed child custody payments.

Not clearing up your legal issue could result in your being stuck with a jail sentence every single time you are pulled over and found still in defiance of the law. If you are currently driving with a revoked license, you need to deal with the problem so that you can avoid the legal hassles and the constant threat of jail. Let us help you get the entire situation handled. Serving Harnett County, the traffic lawyers at Bain and McRae, LLP will help you put all of this behind you.

Helping North Carolina Clients with Revoked and Suspended Licenses

The attorneys at Bain and McRae, LLP have extensive experience defending North Carolina drivers who are dealing with charges of driving with a suspended or revoked license, with a strong track record of success. At Bain and McRae, LLP, we help our clients by building strong cases to protect them from driver’s license revocation and driving offenses of all kinds, including:

  • DUI Defense
  • Driver’s license reinstatement
  • Speeding tickets, reckless driving
  • DMV hearings for driver’s license suspensions
  • Court appearances

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The driver’s license reinstatement lawyers at Bain and McRae, LLP will work with you to make sure you understand everything about the process of getting you back to driving legally. Don’t keep putting off dealing with this. With our help, we can get you back on the road and save you money and headaches, and prevent you from facing jail-time in the process. Let us get it taken care of for you. Call us today at our office in Lillington, North Carolina at (910) 893-5111 to begin the process of getting you out of hot water.